Labour's Britain

Labour's Britain. Mad Jacobinical regulation rewrites history:

A Cathedral pancake race that is part of a 600-year-old tradition has been stopped because of health and safety rules.

The bell at Ripon Cathedral, which has rung at 11am to mark Shrove Tuesday since the 15th century, has signalled the start of the city's pancake race for the past 11 years.

However, the event, in which children, traders, soldiers and even clergy compete, has been abandoned because of the amount of work needed to carry out risk assessments.

And, by cosmic influence, all arms of the state favours Liberal Democrat constituencies with awards and Labour constiuencies with money:

Constituencies represented by Labour MPs have received an average of £852,063 in lottery grants since 1997, compared to £342,989 for those with Conservative members - a shortfall of 69.8 per cent, according to figures from the Big Lottery Fund.

Only one Tory MP, Peter Ainsworth, appears in the top 10 constituencies for lottery funding, and there are only five in the top 50.

Six of the top 10 are Labour seats, including Leeds Central, the constituency of Hilary Benn, the Environment Secretary, at number six.

Islington South, held by Emily Thornberry, tops the table. Her constituency has received 45 awards worth £28,570,973 since the lottery began just over a decade ago.

Conservative seats, on average, have won four awards compared to 10 for Labour and 16 for the Liberal Democrats in the last decade.

In total, 47 constituencies, including 24 represented by the Tories, have received no grants.