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Recommended Activities for Older Adults on Cruise Trips

Recommended Activities for Older Adults on Cruise Trips

Aging does not mean you need to limit yourself from doing certain things. You must be aware of the fact that multiple fun activities await you in case you’re an elderly adult. Among these, traveling seems to be the most popular. For seniors who’re looking for further excitement, a vacation on a cruise ship can be a worthy option.  Because of the availability of plenty of choices when it comes to picking your cruise liners, you’re most likely to locate the one that perfectly meets your needs. When picking a cruise liner, be sure to review its facilities, features & services which are being offered while you’re on board.

Fine dining, which can be found on most cruise liners is among of the several activities that are meant for elderly travelers. Fine dining halls & restaurants feature an elegant design, decor along with food options. In addition, you can also find these restaurants having their specific dress code. Even though T-shirts and jeans might not be allowed, still you will be able to wear formal dresses without any issues.  Gambling might often be a popular option among younger travelers however, there is no reason why seniors cannot enjoy them. What’s more, you may even be able to enjoy cocktail parties from time to time that will allow you to socialize with other passengers as well as the crew members.

Dancing is another popular form of enjoyment which can be enjoyed on almost every ship. Thus, you’re likely to find a dedicated dancing facility on your chosen cruise liner. Dancing can be made further exciting when you add a theme to it.  Spas might put a much required finishing touch to your cruise vacation. People from all age ranges enjoy a relaxing spa facility. However, it is important that you book your ticket well beforehand to take advantage of this service. About Medicare supplement plans for older adults: Get a quote and enroll at for 2020 plans.

Popularly known as Medigap plans, they help you partly cover costs like deductible, co-pay & co-insurance that aren’t originally included in Medicare Part A and B. Thus, these plans intend to fill the gaps within Original Medicare program.

Shingles Among Senior Citizens: An Overview

Shingles Among Senior Citizens: An Overview

As opposed to a majority of the diseases you receive vaccination against, shingles may not be transmitted via air or when you come in contact with a surface that’s infected. In case you have had chickenpox, it’s possible that the virus could be inside you already. While it isn’t yet clear what makes this virus react in such a way, expert theorize a sensitive immune mechanism that’s more common in seniors above the age of 60 could increase the risk. Seniors who develop a tell-tale rash could transmit such a virus to anybody who’s not resistant to chickenpox. The disease may be transmitted via direct exposure to open sores resulted due to the rash. Get a supplement plan at and plan for the future.

Treatment options:

Along with Zostavax, the FDA lately approved Shingrix. Zostavax basically is a live vaccination that’s given to the patient as a solitary injection, whereas Shingrix may be given in 2 dosages with a gap of 6 months between the two. Zostavax protects you from shingles virus for around 5 years, however, it is not suggested until you’re above the age of 60. Although it is yet to be proven, a few studies indicate that Shingrix can protect you for more than 5 years, and you may receive the vaccine starting at the age of 50.

Why Shingrix seems to prove more beneficial when compared to Zostavax?  Shingrix includes a substance which can boost the activity levels of your immune mechanism & since it doesn’t contain any live virus, the vaccine might suit well for seniors with a weak immune system. Shingles vaccination: When to avoid it?

The CDC suggests you need to avoid Zostavax vaccine in case you experience a major allergic reaction to neomycin –  an antibiotic or gelatin. Also, seniors with poor immune system because of any of the following must avoid taking the shingles vaccine:  Treatment with medications which are known to affect your immune levels, for example, steroids.


Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Cancer which affects your lymphatic system or bone marrow.

If you’re experiencing acute severe diseases, or the temperature goes above 101.3 degrees, you must wait till you’re totally recovered from the fever or you feel you’re ready for the vaccine. Shingles and Medicare; Original Medicare doesn’t cover shingles vaccination. But, Part D Medicare can cover all vaccinations that can be used for disease prevention, including the shots for shingles. You may also want to consider Medicare supplement plans to cover additional expenses which are not a part of Traditional Medicare plans.