Health Exams – Medigap Plans and Insurance

Though out our lives, we have many illnesses or circumstances that make us visit doctors. We need to have a clean healthy diet and exercise program to help our bodies work to their maximum potential. Having a yearly physical from your physician will help him to determine any potential health problems before they become too big to take care of. There are five medical examinations that most doctors will have their patients get yearly.


During our younger years, we think we won’t have any heart problems. After the age of 30, there may be problems with one’s heart that should be checked. This can be essential if any heart problems are in a patient’s family history. The tests one may have is an EKG, ECG, Echos cardiogram, and Coronary calcium scan. These tests will help determine any heart problems that may exist and a patient may need to know before exercising too hard.

Blood pressure

You may see every time you visit a physician he or she will take your blood pressure. This is essential at every visit and will determine any heart issues. Hypertension is a big concern and the taking of the blood pressure will show whether one has this problem. High blood pressure and low blood pressure are both concerns that need to be addressed.


In recent years, it seems breast cancer has increased considerably. The mammogram is a breast x-ray that will help a physician to see if there is any abnormalities in the breast that may be concerning. If there is a family history of breast cancer, it is essential for one to have regular breast exams to see if there is any problems.


The body only needs a small part of the cholesterol we may have in our bodies. The rest may bond onto the walls of our arteries and present a problem for our hearts. This can cause heart attacks and blockage that can be devastating for our bodies.

Blood tests

A blood test is an important procedure for a physician to see if there is any problem going on in our bodies. Some things tested is our hemoglobin and platelet counts. Another ailment that seems to be expanding is problems with the thyroid and a blood test can determine if the thyroid counts might be too high or too low, which can be a problem for one’s body. Medigap Plans pay the difference that Medicare doesn’t.

These tests are crucial for a physician to be able to see what is going on in our bodies to help us stay healthy.